Course Description:
This course gives you an introduction to the fundamentals of solar.

You will learn :

-Design a solar panel system that can meet that needed demand.

-Solar system components (solar panel, solar battery, solar charger, inverter)

-Solar system classifications (stand alone, backup systems, hybrid system, grid tie system,…etc).

-You will be able to read solar panel datasheet & specify necessary details.

-Inverter types and the various photovoltaic system components.

-Inverter selection depends on many factors.

-Low frequency inverters & high frequency inverters.

-You will know how to read solar off grid/hybrid inverter datasheet.

-How to calculate the electrical demand of a system compare solar energy to other energy resources.

-Battery classifications.

-Understand solar batteries datasheet & specify necessary details.

-Calculation of backup systems,off grid & hybrid solar systems.

-You will be able to identify the key components needed in a basic photovoltaic system such as solar panels.

-Explain how solar panels convert sunlight to electricity.

-Basic knowledge of solar radiation.

Who this course is for:

Electrical Engineers
Fresh Graduated Engineers.
Anyone Willing to Work in Solar Energy Field.

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