Generator Maintenance

Moherm Ali · October 23, 2023

Course Overview:
     The course begin with generator overview, to get familiar with generator mechanism,
concepts, types, sizes and ranges, load testing, types of load, load calculation,
troubleshooting, fault identification and fixing.

     Step by step we will move together in an interesting journey to deal with different sorts of
generators starting from operation to maintenance and fault identification, moreover we
will go through Preventive Maintenance (PM) in order to expand our generators lifetime and
insure its operation capabilities whenever its required.

The lectures provide the audience with the necessary knowledge and skill to be able to:
-Be familiar with the AC & DC generators.
-Be familiar with mechanical side of the generator.
-Be familiar with electrical side of the generator.
-Do Load calculation of the generator.
-Be familiar with the Load bank & load test.
-Do generator troubleshooting.
-Do preventive maintenance of the generators.

 Who Should Attend?
-Electrical engineers.
-Mechanical engineers.
-Maintenance engineers.
-Projects managers.
-Engineering students and fresh graduated engineers.
-Everyone intend to work in construction field.

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