Hana Altaher · October 23, 2023

Dialux Evo is a powerful and intuitive software that allows you to create stunning lighting designs.

With this course, you’ll learn how to use Dialux Evo to create beautiful lighting designs for any type of event or space.

You’ll also learn how to use the software’s advanced features, such as 3D modeling, color mixing, and more.

Targeted Audience:

1- Lighting Design Engineers.

2- Architecture Engineers.

3- Electrical Engineers.

4- MEP Engineers.

5- Interior Design Engineers.

6- Anyone want to learn Dialux Evo .

Course Contents:

Section(1):   Introduction

  • Introduction to the science of lighting, and its properties.
  • Types of lamps.
  • Lighting design software.

Section(2): Build Up

  • Download and install Dialux Evo.
  • Loading plans.
  • Creating Building( from A –Z).
  • QUIZ(1).

Section(3):  Lighting Design

  • Introduction to lighting design.
  • Using luminaire catalogue.
  • QUIZ(2).

Section(4): Export & The Documentation 

  • Saving image and raytracer.
  • AutoCAD export for lighting layout.
  • Prepare the report.
  • QUIZ(3).

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Course Includes

  • 32 الدروس
  • Course Certificate