Basic Features of AC Drives

Ziyad Mohammed · October 23, 2023

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Course Outlines:

1- Speed Control Methods Used in Induction Motors.

2- Why VFD is Used in Induction Motor.

3- How VFD Works.

4- VFD Control Methods.

5- Installation &  VFD Sizing.

6- Parametrs.

7- VFD Configuration.

Who Can Join This Course:

1- Electrical Engineers.

2- Electrical Technicians.

3- Engineers work in Industry Field.

4- Automation Engineers.

5- Fresh Graduated Engineers.

Course contents:

Section (1)

Introduction 1

1-Induction motor type

2-How to change the speed of the motor

Introduction 2

1-Most common terminologies of AC drive

2- Why use VFD for induction

Main circuit (5)

1-Heavy transformation of power

2-Input diode (input converter)

 Main circuit (6)

1-DC bus

2-filter circuit

3- Dc bus voltage

4-Breaking unit

Main circuit (7)

1-Output inverter section


Main circuit (8)

1-Time on /of

2-Carrier frequency

Section (2)

Installation (1)

1-Power terminal

2-Control terminal

3-EMC stander

Installation (2)

1-Model explanation

2-AC power supply

3-Motor connection

4-Motor VFD connection


Installation (3)


2-The analog signal input

3-The digital signal input

4- The analog signal output

5-Multi function relay

Installation (4)

1-Veriable restores (potentiometer)

2-Frequencay setting method

3-The PNP /NPN mode

4- Source of operation command

5-2wire 3wire operation control

Installation (5)

1-Multi step speed

2-Multi function output relay

3-Jog operation

 Section (3)

Control method (1)

1-VFD control method

2-v/f method

3-Change voltage by pwm

4-Change frequency

Control method (2)

1-Speed torque curve in induction motor

2-Speed torque in VFD

3-Starting torque at low speed

4-Flux vector control

5-Auto tuning



1-Brake method in VFD

2-Ramp and cost braking in VFD

3-Accel. Decel time method

4-Dynamic brake

5-External brake restores sizing

6-Regenerative brake

7-Sharing dc bus

8-DC brake

Section (5)

Trouble shooting (1)

1-How troubleshoot VFD

Trouble shooting (2)


2-IGBT test

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